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Welcome to Valday Optics

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PK-122 Valday
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PK-122 Valday

$1 099.00

Welcome to Valday Optics

Valday is a company specializing in the production of optical scopes and other optical equipment designed for sportsmen and hunters. Here are some characteristics and features of Valday optical scopes:

Quality of Manufacturing: Valday optical scopes are manufactured using modern technologies and materials, ensuring high-quality optics and reliable performance.

Wide Range of Products: The company offers a wide range of optical scopes with various models and magnifications to meet the needs of different user categories.

Application: Valday optical scopes are designed for hunting and sport shooting.

Water and Shock Resistance: Many Valday models are equipped with water-resistant and shockproof construction, making them reliable in various weather conditions and situations.

Multilayer Lens Coating: To enhance brightness and image clarity, Valday optical scopes typically feature multilayer anti-reflective lens coatings.

Adjustability: Many models offer adjustments for both elevation and windage to ensure precise aiming.

Optical Characteristics: Valday also offers scopes with various optical characteristics, such as objective lens diameter, magnification, tube diameter, and other parameters.