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  • Bag for carrying a pistol №1 leather
  • Bag for carrying a pistol №1 leather
  • Bag for carrying a pistol №1 leather
  • Bag for carrying a pistol №1 leather
  • Bag for carrying a pistol №1 leather

Bag for carrying a pistol №1 leather

Stich Profi
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    < li>placement, transportation and concealed carrying of short-barreled weapons and ammunition for them in positions: on the shoulder, in the hand, on the waist belt;
  • protection of the pistol and ammunition from mechanical damage, pollution, temperature and atmospheric influences;< /li>
  • comfort to wear with any type of clothing, uniforms, ammunition;
  • quick removal of weapons and bringing to combat readiness;
  • possibility of joint compact placement of related accessories, documents, small items essentials (keys, flashlight, special equipment, etc.).

Constructs Highlights:Shoulder bag for medium, compact and subcompact carrying combines the functionality of a closed holster, a multi-mag pouch and an organizer bag. The overall dimensions of the bag allow you to place a pistol in the rear, weapons compartment (165x180 mm), along with an open-type holster, a spare cartridge magazine. ), preventing accidental disconnection and unmasking metallic sounds. A metal semi-ring in the lower part of the compartment makes it possible to mount a weapon trencher, for which the twisted pistol cord (art. 29311) is the most ergonomic.

The second large compartment of the bag is designed to accommodate spare magazines, small-sized related accessories. To this end, there are 5 elastic cells on the inner wall (a wide rubber strip) that securely hold certain contents.

The outer, front surface of the bag is equipped with two additional pockets, convenient for storing documents, a notepad, etc. . The back side of the bag is equipped with loops for fastening, if necessary, to the waist belt and fastening rings for an adjustable length shoulder strap.

The speed of removing the gun, including "blindly", is ensured by the design and technical characteristics of the bag and excellent performance of the fittings, occurs with a sharp jerk from oneself to the main handle.

The external design of the bag, as well as the internal one (in the absence of a pistol, holster and ammunition), does not contain signs of belonging to weapons ammunition.
< b>STICH PROFI recommends the use of the following products with this bag:

  • twisted pistol cord (art. 29311);
  • holster insert for your pistol.
  • < /ul>

    WARNING!!! The bag is recommended for small and medium pistols, such as PM, Groza2, PSM, etc.
    More in the topic on the forum forummessage/249/564923-30.html
    Weight and dimensions:The bag in running order (WxHxD): 165 x 180 x 90 mm. Belt length: 100 - 160 cm. Empty bag weight: 900 gr.

    Is it allowed to carry a self-defense weapon in a Stitch Profi holster bag?

Brand Stich Profi
Production country Russia
Weight 850g
Product Code: StichProfi-33501-0558
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